Divorce & Custody Lawyers serving Yelm, WA

When a difficult family situation arises, it impacts every part of your life. You may find yourself considering divorce and custody issues. Or you may feel confused about property division. What’s fair?

You may have searched for divorce lawyers in Yelm, WA or surrounding areas-but if you haven’t found a firm you feel comfortable with, don’t lose hope. At Madison Law Firm, PLLC, we understand the pressure you feel. You only want the right thing, but you may not know how to proceed.

Understand Your Rights

Divorce is hard enough for both parties, but it’s doubly so when children are involved. Our child custody lawyers serve Yelm, WA clients by protecting children’s rights and supporting their parents as well. We also help you determine the best course for child support and parenting plans.

Because we understand every aspect of family law, we can help you better understand your rights. This alleviates your anxiety during an already difficult process.

Let Us Take Care of You

Family difficulties may cause emotional upheavals in your life. By choosing our assertive, experienced legal team, you can minimize the effects of that upheaval. We’re here to help you with both family law and issues whenever they arise.

Speak with a Madison Law representative today to schedule a one-hour, $250 consultation. We never pressure you-we only offer compassionate advice when you need it most. Call us today.