What Our Clients Are Saying in Olympia, WA

Roger Madison is a very helpful and experienced attorney. He helped my children now 8, 10 and 11 to go from only 4 hours a week with me to spending 45% of their time with me, their beloved Daddy. We had gotten a bum deal when the Guardian ad Litem took the side of my ex and he recommended draconian restrictions on my children’s residential time. They told the GAL that they  “just want to have both parents”. Roger helped get them returned from a foreign country and fight through the ridiculous GAL report. It was a very trying experience to say the least. Roger cares about  people. His solidarity with me on this was very reassuring. Nobody wins a divorce, but my children again have both parents. They are doing very well in school and reasonably well emotionally. That is helped by the fact that I was able with Roger’s assistance to be awarded my house, the children’s recognized family home.


 In 2015 I began the arduous and exhausting task of getting divorced. Buy midway through 2016 I was mired in a complicated legal struggle that included false accusations of child abuse, investigations buy CPS, restraining orders, the appointment of a GAL for my children, and wild exaggeration of my finances. At this point my attorney had back out of the case after my inability to fund his continuous loses in court. I began the difficult task of preparing for trial myself.
Feeling hopeless and at a serious disadvantage I approached Roger in the court house for advice. This was the best decision I made in the whole process. I met Roger at his office a week later just to pay for some advice. I ended up hiring Roger and with in two weeks he had made more progress on my case then myself another attorney and my X wife’s counsel had made in two years.( I mean that literally.) Soon there were agreements drawn up, and a realistic conclusion was on the horizon. Despite been accused of domestic violence and child abuse I was given 40% time with my 3 young children, two week nights and every other weekend. I was order to pay child support  based on my actual income, and the division of assets was fair and equatable. I was even able to keep my home. I don’t know if anyone is truly happy with the outcome of this process, but I can not imagine it working out any better.
Throughout this trying and confusing process Roger and his staff kept me informed, explained complicated details in plain language and patiently guided to a resolution that exceeded my expectations. Roger gave me sound advice and was correct in all of his predictions as to how things would play out. He understands the law and the process very well and is very adept at pushing to a conclusion with getting bogged down in the mud.
Prior to hiring Roger I had been fleeced by another attorney who lost 5 straight hearings in court and took many thousands of dollars from me and did considerable damage to my case. I then attempted to represent myself and only made matters worse. Roger was able to put all the behind me and put and end to it.
After the conclusion of my case and Roger’s withdrawal he still followed up on loose ends my x wife’s counsel had left and made sure all the details were taken care of. He and his staff are completely top notch, they are kind,compassionate, knowledgeable and effective. The people in his office have answered every question I asked and never left me in the dark.
For people who are going through this process without legal counsel and think they can’t afford it, believe me you can’t afford not to have counsel.Roger is a great lawyer, when I went to him I was totally screwed and help me more than I thought was possible. My divorce is over, I can see my children often, I can afford my child support and I kept my home.
Thank you, Roger to you and the wonderful people in your office. You’re all the best.

Sincerely Steve O’Malley

.Mr. Madison, or Roger as he likes to be called, is deserving of another note from me as I have been what I call a problem child for nearly two years now as we continue on with my dissolution or reconciliation in Mason county. I say problem child as I have difficulty dealing with conflict and I am one of the worst introverts around.  Given a choice, I would rather stay silent, than speak.  I write. I only write. Roger has suffered through a million e-mails of mine that are too lengthy and too emotional. It’s okay though because he does both, he writes and he talks, eloquently.  I have nothing to be worried about.

My third time in court was November 7th. Unlike the first and second time, I was not afraid. I’m not allowed to talk, so I’m off the hook. Roger sat me down on the bench outside the court room, looked me directly in the eyes and asked me if I had any questions. This one reassuring simple act was all it took to give me what I needed to re-enter the courtroom that had been so daunting first time around.

I would like to tell people who are needing an attorney to pick Roger. I have noted other attorneys doing the same thing as Roger does for me. He would not like me to compare him, so I won’t, but watching him live an authentic life in spite of all that is thrown at him has been amazing. His strategies are well thought out, and he pulls them off in a professional and wise way.

Roger does not abandon, ignore or judge. I expected all three during these two years and he has hung in there when I didn’t think he would. Like I say, I have been a problem child. I don’t wish a lengthy dissolution on anybody, but Roger has been a great example for me. He has kept my eye on my goals of why I hired him in the first place.

Roger’s reply to my many e-mails apologizing?

 “No apology needed! We are here to help you.”






One year ago today you changed my life, you stood next to me in the courthouse and moved mountains. We won!

John constantly says he is more important than you because he saves lives. You saved mine. These last 12 months that you have given me have been the safest months of a 24 year old marriage. And that’s a miracle.

How do I thank you, I simply won’t ever be able to ever give a thank you that you deserve.

At least you will always know you will never be forgotten, not just as my amazing lawyer, but as a person, an authentic person your sons and daughter can be proud of.

Thank you. I can never say that enough.


Mr. Madison is a great attorney who went above and beyond for my case and I will never forget all that he has done for me and so happy I won my case and everyone at Madison law firm are really nice and professional and I would highly recommend Mr. Madison ~ Kristina



I highly recommend Roger. He is my current divorce attorney. He knows what he’s doing and very helpful. He is understanding of my matter and never lets anything shake him. Very professional.



It’s been a year since my divorce was finalized, I hired Mr. Madison 3 years ago, but it took 2 years for my divorce to become final. Mr Madison was very patient and kind and kept me informed throughout the divorce proceedings. My husband of 27 years wanted me to walk away from our marriage with nothing. Roger saw it differently and fought for my part of his retirement that we started over on equal finacial footing, and he also made sure that I was set up with life-long spousal support. So, if you are looking for a good lawyer who will take time and walk you through the trial step-by-step, look no further, Roger Madsion is your person. Mr. Madison, thank you again for everything you done for me!     ~ Annette 



Roger did an excellant job with my case. Kept on top of everything and was very upfront and informative. I highly recommend his services.    ~Joe



I interviewed and met with a few attorneys before selecting Mr. Madison. I selected him because he treated me as if I mattered and was not just another typical divorce. He worked hard during the entire process and allowed me to make decisions while guiding me with advice and the law. He always answered my questions and had paperwork completed in a timely manner. I hope I never need him again but would gladly recommend his services.    ~ Anonymous



Mr. Roger Madison and the paralegals in his office were very sufficient and efficient in handling my case. As I became impatient, the reassurance I was given that all was being handled in a timely manner, became quite evident as my case progressed. Mr. Madison is very professional in his mannerisms and treated me as if I were his only client when I stepped into his office. I appreciated that very much as a divorce is hard enough in the first place.



Mr. Madison and his paralegal(s) give a very warm, welcoming presence when entering the office which is what I believe professionals should strive for at the very least. My calls were returned in a respectful, timely manner. I got through almost every single time I called, even on weekends. That was probably “bad clientele” on my part but it happened, and Mr. Madison was a gentleman through and through.



In my honest opinion, I believe Roger Madison to be honest and forthcoming. He is not one to “beat-around-the-bush” so-to-speak, and I appreciate his willingness to take on my case full force without deception or manipulation as a means of “winning cases”. He is trustworthy, kind and I absolutely recommend his services. He was willing to put himself out just to help me during a difficult time in my case and for that I believe him to be honorable and a selfless man. I hold him in high regard.



As for the money, everyone who hires an attorney knows it is going to be a steep cost. That is how it is. With Mr. Madison I was able to afford to retain him because of a small retainers fee which is hard to find in most attorney’s offices. I could not have gotten through my divorce without his and his paralegal(s) assistance. I will definitely retain Mr. Roger Madison again if I need to.     ~ Brenda



His so incrediably amazing! I trust him like he is a father to me. He won my case and protected my children from child abuse! He is intelligent, friendly, caring, honest, and just like a close friend of the family now! I reccomend him to EVERYONE!!! He is a wonderful man! We love him!     ~ Sarah