Divorce Attorneys in Olympia, WA

When divorce becomes a real possibility for your marriage, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. Your finances, your relationship with your children, and your living arrangements can change drastically based on the outcome of the divorce. You need an experienced, accomplished, and empathetic divorce attorney to guide you through this troublesome process.

At Madison Law Firm in Olympia, WA, our team of attorneys has a long history of helping individuals and couples navigate the separation and divorce process. Trust us to stand up for your best interests and provide you with critical legal counsel.

Let Us Guide You Through the Divorce Process

As you move forward with a divorce in Olympia, WA, you should have a basic understanding about how the process works. Because Washington has a no-fault “marriage dissolution” law, you don’t have to prove wrongdoing in the marriage. Instead, you will move through different stages of fact collection and mediation to establish financial, property, custody, and visitation rights.

When you begin the process, a Madison Law Firm divorce professional will help you gather and organize financial records, depositions, and key facts that will influence the case. We will use this information to help you negotiate the dissolution so it stays amicable and fair. However, if a trial becomes necessary, we will be fully prepared to defend your rights and find a solution that recognizes your interests.

Rely On Our Expertise

Our three attorneys use their combined experience and expertise in family law to faithfully represent their clients. Madison Law Firm’s founder, Roger Madison, is an honors Harvard Law School graduate and has been a member of the Washington State Bar for over 30 years. When you need a reliable divorce attorney in Olympia, WA, come to Madison Law Firm.

If you have more questions about divorce, visit our divorce information page. To create an affordable plan for your divorce, call 360.539.4682 today to schedule a one-hour consultation for $125.


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