Domestic Violence & Harassment Legal Services in Olympia WA

The team at Madison Law Firm dedicates ourselves to family law services, and that dedication includes a desire to help people avoid harassment and domestic violence. If you need protection from these crimes, consult with a domestic violence lawyer at our Olympia, WA firm. You have legal options for defending yourself or people you love from these actions.

Obtain a Domestic Violence Protection Order

Washington State has laws that protect victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence includes physical or sexual harm perpetrated by one family member, household resident, or dating partner against another. Domestic violence may also involve threats or fears of such actions.

With our focus on family law, Madison Law Firm passionately believes that people should receive legal protections from domestic violence. We can seek a domestic violence protection order to safeguard you against these harmful and illegal actions. Our lawyers can pursue protection orders independently or as a part of your divorce, separation, or custody case.

Get Legal Protection From Harassment           

Even if a relationship does not involve domestic violence, you may still be the victim of harassment. Unlawful harassment occurs when one person’s actions or words annoy, abuse, or frighten another person. When these actions serve no lawful or legitimate purpose, they constitute harassment.

Harassment is unwanted and uninvited. You do not have to tolerate it. A lawyer at Madison Law Firm will pursue an anti-harassment order on your behalf.

The court issues this restraining order to inform the person harassing you to refrain from contacting you, watching you, or coming near you. Anti-harassment orders can effectively stop these behaviors because the person is subject to penalties or criminal charges if he or she violates the order.

Trust Our Legal Team

When you face domestic violence or harassment, you need an ally you can trust. Choose a caring domestic violence attorney at Madison Law Firm in Olympia, WA. Your initial one-hour consultation costs $250, and we’ll ensure your discussion remains private. Call us now at 360.539.4682.