Adoption Attorney in Olympia, WA

Children deserve the best opportunities, which is why adoption and adoption law is so important. Adoption gives caring birth mothers the opportunity to give their child to eager adoptive parents. However, to ensure the adoption goes smoothly, state and federal laws have extensive regulations and requirements that go along with every adoption.

If you are looking to adopt or want to find adoptive parents for your child, you need skilled adoption lawyers to guide you through the process. At Madison Law Firm, we have experienced family lawyer attorneys who can help you set up an adoption and ensure it meets every legal requirement. We serve the wider Olympia, WA area, ensuring residents have access to this important service.

Adoption Law for Birth Mothers

As a birth mother, you want to place your child with a couple that has a proven ability to give your child everything he or she deserves. We can help you either find the adoption agency or arrange a private adoption that can help you find that right couple. We can help you set up your preferred arrangement for visitation and other rights.

Adoption Law for Prospective Adoption Couples

Adopting is both an exciting and nerve-wracking process, with high hopes and high anxieties. Let our adoption lawyers give you the best chance of success. We can give you connections to help you find a child that is the right fit for your family. We can also help you meet all of Washington’s legal requirements for adoption. Let us help you gain the fullest confidence in the adoption process.

Madison Law Firm has seasoned legal minds with experience in all aspects of family law. Our founder, Roger Madison, has been a lawyer in Washington for over 30 years. You can trust our firm to take care of your legal needs. Call 360.539.4682 to schedule an appointment and start the adoption process today.